Comment on SEOPressor SEO Plugin Review by Yoast Plugin User.

Seopressor WordPress SEO Plugin Review There is a difference between SEO plugins like AIO SEO or Yoast SEO, or those SEO plugins which supposedly “help” to optimize content, like SEOPressor.

Today, I would *not* use SEOPressor anymore (I did in the past) since it may likely entirely over-optimize your site.

In the last months/year… on-site SEO is getting more and more about “de-optimizing” content, away from thinking in terms of keywords and “researched phrases”.

A year or two when I used SEOPressor, it did exactly those things which today are absolutely not recommended anymore. Rather than over-optimizing, write good and “on topic” content.

I know it sounds like Matt Cutts talking, but it’s really the best for on-site SEO you can do today.

DON’T over-optimize! (Keyword in title, 3% KW density, KW in H1, H2, link with keyword and then KW in the last sentence of post etc… might well trigger Google’s attention.

Just saying…)