Comment on SEOPressor SEO Plugin Review by Pratik Dholakiya.

Seopressor WordPress SEO Plugin Review This reminds me of the search engine submission services some SEO companies try to sell to newbie webmasters. I have seen many people offering search engine submission services in many webmaster forums and via SPAM emails, some people claim that they will submit your site to over 10,000 search engines and they in turn claim that they will boost your search traffic and some even claim that they will boost your PageRank, I would like to know how search engine submissions will boost your PageRank?

So can you really opt for these services and spend your well earned money on them to boost your sites SEO traffic?

I would be happy if you saw some boost in your rankings and traffic with these submission services, but sadly the answer to this question is NO! I wouldn’t really recommend you going for these services and the answer is plain and simple.

Just know that well over half of searches on the Internet are made from Google and in fact Google is increasing those numbers every year steadily. It used to be 30% of the search market goes to Yahoo and Bing and the remaining 5% of the search market has been shared between, and other minor search engines, today even more goes to Google. So just know that submitting your site to 10,000 search engines across the world might sound really attractive, but it’s really useless to submit your site to a search engine where hardly any people will use to search for information.

Secondly search engines like Google do not include a site into its index just because you have submitted your site through the Google submission form (which is free BTW), it’s a myth that is believed to be true, Google will not include your site in its index unless it finds some other site linking to you, So when you open a website just make sure that you are building links to your site on a consistent basis so that it will be indexed in search engines.

When you have more number of sites linking to you then naturally every other search engine will start to find your site and index it without any effort in your part directly to get into search index. That is a more reliable way to get into search index when you are building a site over submitting your site using the submission form.

Save your money and time for something useful in SEO traffic building.