Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Mark.

WordPress SEO Maybe Matt Cutts hinting at social media is not that Google will take links from Twitter (I am rarely on this any more, it is kind of spammy unless you are a Matt Cutts and people follow you because of your position) as a serious ranking factor. But rather he is saying it is a way to drive traffic until links kick in.

In other words, but maybe social media is a way to generate traffic until links start accumulating.

Further, maybe they have divided the algorithm into various phases like a scientific S curve, where factors for a new page or site are not the same as for an old site. During phase I, you could get traffic either from social media or ‘freshness’ factor via Google, whereas, phase II or III of growth of your site/page they factor more heavily on links, the old way.

Relevancy such as keywords on page is still a factor and ratio and on site factors will matter, but Google is getting back more to their orignal method 2.0, of off site factors and links playing a greater role but with an upgraded algorithm. Links not just to the home page but to individual pages with varied text and geo centers that fit personalization patterns.

I have tried a ‘link to me’ button but it did not seem to do much. People will link to you if they like what you have to say.

I think there will always be SEO tactics to promote good content, they will just be different.