Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Mark.

WordPress SEO The over SEO penalty will be applied in a few weeks. It is best heard on audio from Matt Cutts himself.

I listened to the audio while I was working on other things. Basically too many keywords on the page is a no-no. For SEO content, I try to get the title right and then write naturally as possible.

Your correct that being more exact or descriptive with synonyms and antonyms makes sense. You do not need to repeat the keyword once it is in the title, just write rich copy with words that are LSI related.

However, after seeing such wild gyrations in rankings I am a bit nervous.

We have had this conversation before about social media. I tell people it is ‘much to do about nothing’. I mean the usefulness of a Twitter or any other social media pales in comparison to good links (harder to get) or organic traffic.

Social media is like kids running though a candy shop, then they are gone. I would rather have the guy who comes by a few times a week.

Yet if you listen to the Matt Cutts audio interview (audio interviews are a good technique for increasing time on site by the way, if that means anything as people can multi task more than on a video), you can hear again and again recommendations to turn up the dials on social signals.

I think one of the owners of Google also said they want to get more back to their roots in the way search was going. To me that translates to links or off site factors. But the links of 2012 (including I guess now social votes) are different from in 2004 (varied text, rate of growth and geo centers).

Matts Cutts did mention design and visual styles or at least that is what I heard. A search engine can not understand this subjective component but, it does understand times on site and click-through.

On that note I will focus my Ads below the fold, more in the sidebars. Maybe even three ads in the sidebars. I will also try to get some more images etc on my site experiment with colors.

There is a continued trend on personalization per the audio also. I do not know how that could be brought into play with the theme?

Bottom line, when I started to use you theme I quit my day job and have not looked back. I am just trying to brainstorm to keep it on an upward path.