Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO I’m familiar with the Robots Meta WordPress Plugin, it uses noindex and nofollow, so not a WordPress SEO plugin I’d recommend.

I’m close to finishing a true WordPress SEO Plugin, you can read about it at Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin. I believe it does everything you mentioned in your first comment.

With a bit of luck will have it released in a week or two.

BTW you might be mixing up rel=”nofollow” and nofollow added to a robots meta tag. rel=”nofollow” is basically what I’ve been talking about (mostly) when talking about nofollow, you can add this attribute to individual text links and the link benefit that would pass through the link is deleted.

A nofollow added to a robots meta tag results in all links on that page not being followed, this means the link benefit hits a dead end and is wasted (like a page with no links off it at all, basically deleted). A nofollow robots meta tag is worse than a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

When talking about noindex I’d been referring to a “noindex, follow” robots meta tag combination. The noindex part wastes the link benefit (as described earlier) that should be used on the noindexed page, but the remaining link benefit (it’s believed 85% of link benefit passes through a page via it’s links) continues on it’s way, so link benefit is wasted not deleted, you could argue 15% of the link benefit is deleted because it does no SEO work, but because it’s a follow tag the remaining 85% passes through the links.

Clearly a “noindex, nofollow” robots meta tag combination is the worst SEO choice, all the link benefit that should pass through the noindexed page is deleted.