Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Rachel.

WordPress SEO Thank you Dave
I must read your explanation once more to fully understand your apporoach.
I agree with what you’ve added that “The general rule should be if you have a page you don’t want indexing it really shouldn’t exist or at least avoid linking to it.”
BTW – the author of the site I refer to made a meta tag of NOINDEX, FOLLOW not a NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW to pages/2 to ~.

I think (am not sure yet) is that the best bet could be to check the WordPress admin option of Settings/Reading settings of ‘Blog pages show at most’ and opt for ‘high number’ (some hundreds posts) in order that all posts filed in a category will be listed on the same category page thus ensure indexing a single cat/tag page rather than several (with the same title and meta description).

Of course, archives pages and author pages are not useful pages and I recall that Talian theme eliminates these to be created in the first place.