Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO The WordPress excerpt replaces the default snippet of text you see, the links to the post remain. So just a way to make your categories unique/SEO’d.

I’m sure there are ways to replace the category with custom content and a link to another site, it’s not part of Stallion and I wouldn’t add it. Also won’t work, unless you plan to do autoblogging in a big way you don’t get a lot of traffic/money from it. Create or buy your own unique content, it’s the only way for long term success.

If you look on Appearance >> Widgets there are 19 widget areas (on the right), using the widget display plugin options you can set widgets added to those areas to only load on say one category. since one of the widget areas “Archive Ad Widget” is located between the 5th and 6th post on categories, tags etc… (archives) you can add some content in the middle of categories. Just a way to make a category unique, I use it for adding ads, links etc…

The front page you see on this site isn’t a plugin, that’s a default WordPress feature under Settings >> Reading.