Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Gabor.

WordPress SEO Hi David,

Thanks a lot on SERPs it make sense!

Cool on the excerpt! I had it in the page edit it did put the excerpt in (I thought if it’s there it should work), but never worked, did not know why till looked it up in screen option, I found it unchecked. One problem less :)

If I would put up an article to “Ezine” make an excerpt and link it to my page where they can read the full article, but as it is on Ezine and on my page too that would be a duplicated content isn’t it? But if I just put up one paragraph make an excerpt, link it to my page to read the rest of the article which does not have the 1st paragraph from Ezine, that would be original content in both case. Just the article needs to be make sense for those too who will read it from my webpage without going to Ezine fist.

I did not find “widget areas on categories (all pages)” I checked all pages, does not show it. I turned on widget display plugin in the layout options. Please let me know how can I see that.

Thanks for the info on copying articles. I did a few, I mainly thought about YouTube videos and pictures.

What plugins do you use to hide main page where all the articles gets posted?