Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Gabor.

WordPress SEO Hi David,

Thanks a lot for you help! The SEO tutorials are great!

In this case when I link a page to the category which shows all post related to that page, how can I rank that page to be #1 on Google? As I can’t post on that page, it has no quality content “physically”, even it’s showing numerous articles, videos as the page is redirected to the appropriate category, which show the categorized posts to that page, but those posts are actually on the main page.

In this case there are 3 possible scenarios to work on:
1. I’m backlinking the page: I want to get #1.
2. I’m backlinking the catergory’s where the page is redirected to rank the page.
3. I’m backlinking the main page which has the content with proper anchor text which refers to the page I want to rank in Google.

Which one do I have to work on, in order to rank the page on Google? I understand the internal linking on your SEO Tutorial, thats helps a lot too. I mean backlinking from article directories, youtube, blogs.
Thank you for your help!