Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO If you want articles not to show on the home page you have the option of using WordPress Static Pages (“Pages >> Add New” instead of “Posts >> Add New”).

Static Pages (like an About Page) are only added to the Pages widget which you don’t have to use and the default Navigation menu (below the header) which in Stallion can be turned off under the Stallion Layout Options. You would then add links to the Static Pages manually, Custom Menu for example.

This set of SEO Tutorial pages are WordPress Static Pages rather than WordPress Posts (update: converted to posts now). you can see near the bottom of the content on the page above under the section “SEO Tutorial Subjects Covered” 8 links to the other SEO tutorial pages, those links are added manually into the Page (Update now use a Stallion Responsive widget area for the links and use a Stallion feature to only show the widget for one category so I don’t have to edit all the posts when I add a new link, just edit one widget).

I’ve also built two custom menus (Appearance >> Menus), one is on the right menu (heading “SEO Tutorial”) and the other I’ve used as the Primary navigation area (navigation menu under the header).

Without the 8 manual links and the two custom menus those Static Pages wouldn’t be linked from anywhere on the site.

To achieve this with Posts you’d need to find a plugin that allows you to disable Posts from showing up in the Home page and monthly archives. Never used a plugin like that.

Alternative would be have a Static Front Page (use a Page for the blogs home page) which means you don’t have Home Page archives. This site for example doesn’t have the archived posts showing on the home page, has a Static Page about Stallion. This means when I create a new post on this site it isn’t loaded on the home page, only shows on any categories and tags it’s added to. Not perfect for what you want as new posts will be linked from widgets like recent posts and monthly archives.