Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Gabor.

WordPress SEO Hi David,

Sorry to come to you with this one, but no one can give workable advice on it.

Is it possible to post multiple articles on different pages? When I post an article it shows up on the main page only. I checked wp blog, they talk about: “redirectify and category visibility plugins” and “category template” but that’s not what I need.
I would like to create several pages on my site, and post articles, pictures, videos which would be assigned and visible to that particular page and does not show up in the main page or anywhere else.

I also checked “” It does not make sense you have to modify the template id to get the same id of the category which going to show you a post on a specific page, when simply you could just post on that page and the problem is over.
Please let me know how could this be done.

Thank you for your help!