Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure I think you are mixing up how/why Google shows multiple webpages from one domain for some SERPs.

That’s nothing to do with silo SEO or WordPress Static Pages, that’s having multiple webpages on a domain with content that ranks high for the same SERP.

Double SERP example

WordPress SEO Package

You’ll find : Title Tag – Best WordPress SEO Package

and : Title Tag – WordPress SEO Package

Those are not unusual, you can see the content on both pages is optimized for the WordPress SEO Package search.

For this to occur you need multiple webpages that can rank for the same SERPs, in many cases it’s because the content targets similar SERPs and that can be targeted via the anchor text of backlinks as well (so not just the pages content).

These two example (reason why there’s two Google listings) are mostly due to anchor text.

Stallion Theme : 2 SERPS
Stallion Responsive : 2 SERPS

The webpages shown have links with anchor text of the above SERPs. So the home page of this site has links with anchor text “Stallion Theme” and “Stallion Responsive”, so the home page can rank for those SERPs.

There is a VERY strong SEO argument if this is occurring with competitive SERPs you are spreading your SEO thin. Not a big issue for long tail SERPs, but if you have two webpages on a site that can equally rank for a competitive SERP you are probably spending off-site SEO (backlinks) on the second listing which could have gone to the main webpage and increased it’s rank.

I wouldn’t specifically aim for this sort of outcome, means having two pages targeting the same or at least similar SERPs. Off-site SEO is so hard to come by makes more sense to target multiple hard SERPs on one page.

Every webpage is an island when discussing rankings, any page can theoretically rank for any SERP. Throw enough backlinks at this webpage with anchor text “SEO Fox” and it could rank for the SEO Fox SERP even though this pages content isn’t optimized for SEO Fox SERPs (other than this text). If I wanted the SEO Fox SERP would make more sense to link to a page optimized specifically for the SEO Fox SERP (don’t have a page like that, made up a SERP).

So though there’s value in multiple SERP listings, to generate them requires two or more pages targeting the same/similar SERPs and if it’s a competitive SERP working on backlinks for both webpages. Obviously there will be times when you target similar SERPs and this occurs naturally: I have an SEO Tutorial and a WordPress SEO Tutorial, the latter could rank for the SEO Tutorial SERP.

To get Google triple SERPs means having three webpages targeting the same SERP, even more wasteful: you covered why it’s happening with your competitor “But that website has multiple thousands of pages indexed”. With thousands of webpages you do have multiple pages targeting the same SERPs. I wouldn’t deliberately target two+ pages at the same exact SERP by design though, a waste of SEO resources.

Stallion SEO
Stallion SEO Theme
Stallion Responsive Theme
Stallion Responsive SEO

are a triple SERPs.