Comment on SEO Silo Theme by LR.

SEO Silo Structure Dave one thing that attracted me to Silo SEO structure was that guy on the “warrior” forums that goes by the name of Yukon. He is always talking about how a Silo Structure can get you double and triple links in the SERPS. But I think he uses pages and sub-pages. But you said a page is the same as a post. But I don’t think you can post and sub-post. As far as I know.

Problem is as I found out the hard way pages and sub-pages kind of works against WordPress and as you taught me eliminates the natural linking structure of categories, messes up the “user experience” navigation and obviously screwed up all my traffic. But I know he is on to something because even though the way I did it messed up my website, I did temporarily see some double link SERPS for some of my keywords.

Do you get any double or triple SERPS??? Do you have an opinion on this??? Whenever I Google a keyword, one of my super heavy hitter competition websites is ALWAYS on top with there “tube sites” for whatever keyword I am checking out and they always have a double URL in the Google pages. Most of the time. But that website has multiple thousands of pages indexed and has probably been around for a solid 10 years.

If only pages and sub-pages gets you double listings another option for me would be to use pages and add a “pages in categories” plugin. Now sure just thinking.