Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure Thanks for noticing my shameless self promotion tactics for the best SEO design framework for WordPress.

I’m not attempting to be subtle in my promotion tactics (some of it is cringe worthy), I want to irritate other WordPress SEO developers like you into a discussion like the ones you started because I know you can’t match the level of SEO built into Stallion Responsive.

WordPress SEO developers like Yoast and All In One SEO Pack have been smarter than you and not made a response because they know they’ll loose, they know how rubbish their packages are SEO wise, they aren’t idiots. Smartest thing you could have done was ignore my SEO Design Framework Review comment, by responding you confirmed some of the SEO failings of your SEO package I mentioned :-)

Shameless Self Promotion : From an SEO perspective Stallion Responsive is awesome, everything else isn’t.

I don’t apologise for an SEO package that’s taken the best part of 10 years to build and is a culmination of almost 15 years of SEO research and making a living online ONLY from online income sources using the SEO skills I’ve develop.

I’m not over exaggerating when I say Stallion Responsive is the best WordPress SEO theme available today. I’m so confident Stallion Responsive wipes the floor with your SEO theme on SEO features I put my money where my mouth is: see my Win $5,000 Competition.

All you have to do to claim the $5,000 is be the first person to find or build another WordPress SEO package with ALL the SEO features of Stallion Responsive + W3 Total Cache + EWWW Image Optimizer and one more SEO feature and explain why your WordPress package is better SEO wise than Stallion as a comment below detailing which SEO feature(s) are missing from the Stallion SEO package.

Jeffrey Smith if your WordPress SEO Design Framework Theme is better than Stallion Responsive claim the $5K.

Let’s see, your package doesn’t fix the rel nofollow issue with core WordPress = serious SEO fail, no $5K I’m afraid.

You consider silo SEO an important part of your SEO theme right? Do you accept the silo SEO of Stallion Responsive is better?

Stallion uses different anchor text (Stallion keyphrases) for the silo links from different sections of the site. If you understand where Google SEO is today regarding using the same anchor text on all backlinks you’ll understand how important this varied anchor text feature is.

The main silo SEO article has internal links with anchor text:

WordPress Silo SEO
SEO Silo Theme
SEO Silo
Silo Links
Link Silo
WordPress SEO Silo

Rather than all automated internal links having the same anchor text sitewide (with most themes all links would use “WordPress Silo SEO” : title of the post), not only do you add related internal links with varied anchor text also means when working on off-site backlinks you can generate more perfectly SEO’d anchor text links.

This is important because in 2014 Google is much better at determining unnatural link patterns, if all your internal links are using the anchor text “WordPress Silo SEO” AND you’ve been building lots of backlinks with anchor text “WordPress Silo SEO” it will appear unnatural. Natural links use a variety of anchor text, Stallion Responsive adds an element of anchor text variety no other SEO theme does.

Can the SEO Design Framework Theme match this important SEO feature?

BTW Don’t get me wrong I’m sure the SEO Design Framework is a nice theme with more SEO features than 90% of other WordPress themes (not hard to achieve!), but it’s not in Stallion’s league SEO wise.