Comment on SEO Silo Theme by LR.

SEO Silo Structure I considered SEO Design Framework before it ever came out. I used the SEO “ultimate” plugin as did many others and found it very very unstable and “clunky”. I have to say compared to Yoast seo there is no comparison.Yoast is at least very stable and quality I will admit that. Obviously I am using the Stallion theme now.

What put me off with the SEO Design Framework is that he (Jeffrey) is tied up with them “domain web studio” rip off people that want to charge you are 4 or 5 hundred dollar monthly fee for there “system”. No thanks.

I am happy now (very happy) paying 200 bucks for a theme that get’s me excited to wake up in the morning. BY THE WAY I made some adjustments last night and scored 95/100 on Mobile and Desktop last night on the Google page speed test. :) BLAZING FAST!