Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure Search Google for “WordPress SEO Data Transporter” and you find multiple WordPress plugins for changing SEO data formats.

There’s a lot of WordPress SEO plugins and they tend to use a different database format (how the SEO data is stored), the 1st Google result for WordPress SEO Data Transporter supports these SEO plugins:

Add Meta Tags
All in One SEO
Greg’s High Performance SEO
Meta SEO Pack
Platinum SEO
SEO Ultimate
WordPress SEO

and these themes

Thesis (1.x & 2.x)

They should add Stallion Responsive.

When I build Stallion Responsive SEO features I try to make things easy for users. Rather than create my own data format and make life difficult for users I took into account the two most popular WordPress SEO plugins: All In One SEO Pack Plugin and Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin (used their database names).

If you’ve been using either of those plugins or another plugin that’s used the same format (Platinum SEO is s spin off from All In One SEO if I recall correctly, so presumably uses the All In One SEO data format) you don’t need to use an SEO data transporter plugin.

What this means is if you spent years adding Yoast title tags and Yoast meta descriptions or All In One SEO title tags and All In One SEO meta descriptions, Stallion Responsive will use them out the box.

For Stallion the All In One format is set as default, for Yoast users under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” tick “Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON” and your Yoast title tags, meta description tags and meta keywords tags will be used by Stallion Responsive 8.1.

In Stallion Responsive 8.2 (next update, trying to get out soon, this month if no problems) will also use the Yoast Social Media data as well.

If you’ve been using another SEO plugin or WordPress theme which has SEO data (usually title tags and meta tags) and by switching to Stallion you think you’ve lost the SEO data, I can pretty much 99% guarantee there’s an SEO data transporter plugin that can convert the SEO data to use with Stallion.

First step is under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” try both:

“Use All in One SEO Data ON**”
“Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON”

If you don’t find the SEO data under an edit Post page time to try a an SEO data transporter plugin.

Since Stallion will use either of the two most popular SEO data formats (All In One SEO and Yoast SEO) all you have to do is find a transporter plugin that will convert your plugin/themes format to either All In One SEO or Yoast SEO data format and it will work with Stallion Responsive via one of the two options above.

So a data transporter plugin is only need if switching from a less popular WordPress SEO plugin or switching SEO data formats for another reason.

For example if you decide Stallion Responsive isn’t for you and you’ve been working with the Yoast WordPress SEO option “Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON”, but plan to use the Thesis theme with the All In One SEO Pack Plugin. You’d use an SEO data transporter plugin and convert Yoast SEO data to All In One SEO data.

Any other WordPress SEO developers thinking about creating an SEO theme or plugin should use either Yoast or All In One SEO data format for their product, it will make life easier for your users: there’s a LOT of webmasters who use Yoast and All In One SEO. I think those plugins are rubbish overall (so much potential SEO damage from nofollow and noindex), but nothing wrong with the title tag and meta description tag SEO data (it’s useful). Since my SEO product can use the two most popular SEO data formats I don’t have to waste any time supporting users switching from Yoast SEO to Stallion or All In One SEO to Stallion, couple of clicks of the mouse and done (never had a support request asking for advice on this).