Comment on SEO Silo Theme by LR.

SEO Silo Structure Dave you are THE MAN! WOW thanks for that valuable information on the keywords.

I am no longer using Yoast SEO. Why have an extra plugin running when your Stallion Responsive SEO Theme totally blows it away. That plugin SUCKS compared to this them. Genesis Framework SUCKS compared to this theme!

This theme is LIGHTNING FAST especially on my awesome Liquid Web VPS it rocks. It doesn’t look like I need the data transporter???

I just ditched the Yoast plugin and everything seems to be working. Still have a lot of learning and work to do but the way you have this comment system set up is BRILLIANT! Like having a forum without the hassle and extra bog down. Wait until I learn how to use all this. My traffic will be ROCKIN in 5 years. My traffic is already starting to come back now.

By the way before I screwed things up for a couple of weeks I had #2 Google image for the keyword “shemale”.

Google algorithm must have wacked me hard or something but at least now I have the direction and the tools to get it back. Plus I also joined “link collider” so maybe I hit the social signals a little bit too hard a little to quick. Not sure, a whole lot of factors.

Plus I have an automated YouTube video site now on a .NET targeting 6 keywords in the categories. Since it has put over 1100 automated video posts up I turned it off. I figure it will take a long time to index that many posts why add more???

Anyhow I can’t tell you enough how super impressed I am with this Stallion SEO Responsive Theme. (feel free to edit my post for SEO if need be). This theme has so many features I am in love with this theme. SUPER LIGHTNING FAST with my VPS hosting. Plus those Liquid Web guy’s are simply awesome with there above and beyond help. Anyhow thanks again for putting me on the right track and giving me the tools I needed. I am no longer depressed I am totally optimistic especially now since you gave me my next keywords to target.

By the way in a few weeks I will need to add on that auto-blogger tool and whatever else I can add to the theme toolbox. Not sure how to go about that but I will ask when the time comes and I get these basic setups completed like you have on this website. Thanks again Dave THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!!!