Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure Google doesn’t have a problem with adult images, as an SEO factor images are really important for websearch results due to the image names and alt text (both SEO metrics).

Now you are a Stallion Responsive user happy to give you some specific SEO advice via the comments, it helps all Stallion Responsive users.

For those who want to follow better what I describe below the domain is be aware it’s 18+, full nudity and if you aren’t familiar with SheMale/LadyBoy SERPs it’s men who have or are becoming women, so you will see adult images of penises and breast on the same woman. You won’t need to view the site to understand the SEO info below, I’m generalizing, but using specific examples related to the sites SERPs.

I just wrote a comment about SEO mistakes on shopping sites, there’s no real difference between a shopping site and an adult site (any site), the SEO and the mistakes are the same, well worth a read.

Image SEO is important for standard web search SERPs.

When targeting a set of SERPs like SheMale/LadyBoys first step is determine which SERPs are worth targeting. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Keywords Research Tool is great for this and it’s free.

Searching for shemale using the tool gives us a list of relevant SERPs we can dig deeper into and target.

SheMale SERPs

You can see from the screenshot above you get month traffic figures, competitiveness (not SEO competition, advertiser competition) and what advertisers will pay for traffic (adult traffic tends to be very low cost per click).

Although I still own adult niche websites not worked on them in over 5 years, I did this sort of keyword research years ago (not using this keyword research tool) and I just stumbled on a SERP I’d not heard of “TS Porn” (Tranny and SheMale Porn). It’s always worth a few hours of research to look for related SERPs to your niche you might have missed because you think you know your niche.

You’ve covered TS Porn to some degree, you mention it on 49 indexed pages, BUT you don’t have a single webpage with a title tag including TS Porn. Do this Google search: "TS Porn"

This shows your domain with indexed pages that use the exact phrase “TS Porn”. Good way for finding webpages Google considers most important for a search.

For this site my most popular page for image SERPs is related to racist jokes. "Racist Jokes"

The first result is a comment I made about my jokes site and I added a joke image, this has resulted in almost 14,000 image search (only image searches) related to racist jokes:

Racist Joke Image Traffic

The above traffic is from a comment (just like this comment) with one image with filename racist-white-jokes.jpg alt text “Racist White Jokes” and no serious on-site support for the image SERPs.

Title tags are really important, by not having at least one page specifically targeting this phrase (lack of a TS Porn title tag suggests you’ve not specifically targeted the SERP) you miss out on a share of 36,000 potential visitors each month.

Note: I didn’t looks for a SERP you’d missed as a good example, this was the first SERP I checked because I didn’t recognise TS porn as an important SERP years ago, maybe you hadn’t noticed it today. I have loads of SERPs like these related to SEO I need to target, it’s potentially thousands of articles to target most of them.

Anyway, back to image SEO to support websearch SERPs.

Using the keyword research tool we can build a set of phrases to target.

What I do is when writing a WordPress post is decide on a main phrase: I’m going to use “Sexy SheMale” as the main SERP as an example, Google AdWords Tool indicates 31,000 monthly searches, nice chunk of traffic, this is the breakdown of this SERPs traffic wise:

Sexy SheMale

sexy shemale – 27,100
sexy shemale porn – 3,600
sexy shemales porn – 320
shemale porn sexy – 70
sexy shemale porn video – 70

Using Stallion Responsive I’d create a WordPress post with the WordPress post title “Sexy Shemale”. But I’ll change this right after publishing the post to something like “Sexy SheMale Images”. This means the post title is “Sexy SheMale Images” and the post URL is “domain.tld/sexy-shemale/”. I have my main SERP Sexy SheMale as the post slug.

All In One SEO Title: “Sexy Shemale”

This will be the posts title tag, I want the main SERP targeted as the title tag.

The above uses the same format as the All In One SEO Pack Plugin, you said in an earlier comment you use Yoast. You can use the Yoast SEO data instead of the All In one SEO data under “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” tick “Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON”.

I don’t recommend using the Yoast SEO Plugin.

For those building new sites doesn’t matter if you use “Use All in One SEO Data ON**” or “Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON”, the end result is the same.

Basically if you used All In One in the past or have never used an SEO plugin use “Use All in One SEO Data ON**”. If you’ve used Yoast SEO set to “Use Yoast WordPress SEO Data ON” so you use the Yoast SEO title tag data etc…

this means any SEO data you’ve added via the two most popular SEO plugins is available to Stallion. If you ever switch from Stallion to another theme the data title tag data you added whilst using Stallion will be available to All In One or Yoast: there’s also data transporter plugins for converting Yoast to All In One and All In One to Yoast, so if you use the Stallion All In One SEO format you can use an SEO data transporter plugin to convert to Yoast or Yoast to All In One (phew)

Keyphrase 1 : Sexy SheMale Porn
Keyphrase 2 : Sexy SheMales Porn
Keyphrase 3 : SheMale Porn Sexy
Keyphrase 4 : Sexy SheMales Porn Video

The keyphrases are unique to Stallion, switch to another theme and you loose this feature.

Note: I’m simplifying here, I wouldn’t necessarily use all the phrases direct from the AdWords tool, I would adapt these to the actual post I’m writing. If the post lacked videos I wouldn’t add video SERPs, if I were writing a post about images I’d target image SERPs. I’d use the AdWords keywords as a guide, SheMale Porn Sexy isn’t exactly grammatically correct, so might not use that one. Might mix it up and use She Male in stead, so:

Keyphrase 1 : Sexy SheMale Porn
Keyphrase 2 : Sexy SheMales Porn
Keyphrase 3 : Sexy She Male
Keyphrase 4 : Sexy She Males

These phrases are used by Stallion for multiple features including internal links anchor text, so they are important. My Popular and Recent posts widgets use these phrases for example, the widgets use different phrases depending on which section of the site is loaded. SEO result is your post gains the above phrases as internal anchor text (no more sitewide links with identical anchor text).

Now I have my phrases I want some of them or derivatives as images. I added a screenshot near the top of this comment, the image filename is “shemale-serps.jpg” with alt text “SheMale SERPs”. Not a real SERP, but the shemale part would help an article targeted at shemale phrases, so this is a good image for those SERPs.

My second AdWords tool screenshot is “sexy-shemale-traffic.jpg” with alt text “Sexy SheMale” (didn’t add traffic to the alt text).

If this was a WordPress post I’d want an image with filename “sexy-shemale.jpg” with alt text “Sexy SheMale”, I’d try to add more images so I’d build a picture the images are supporting the main SERPs:

“sexy-shemale.jpg” : alt text “Sexy SheMale”
“sexy-shemales-porn.jpg” : alt text “Sexy SheMales Porn”
“sexy-she-male.jpg” : alt text “Sexy She Male”
“sexy-ladyboys.jpg” : alt text “Sexy LadyBoys”

Doesn’t have to be 100% fully SEO’d like this, but try for mostly SEO’d. You see I’ve added the related SERP Sexy LadyBoys which will help, Google is pretty good at linking related phrases together. By loosely optimizing for both shemale, she males, ladyboys, lady boys Google knows what your posts are about.

When adding images to WordPress avoid having them wider than 500px on the page. there’s a mobile Google PageSpeed Insights Tool check that’s tripped when the image on the page is wider than 500px. My first screenshot image above is over 1,000px wide, so loaded the Stallion 500px wide version (Stallion automatically creates a 500px wide version of new images) and linked to the 1,000px image by clicking the 500px image.

BTW moved this comment thread to the silo SEO post because the comments are more about silo SEO than child themes (where the thread started). This will add SEO value to the silo SERPs I’m targeting.