Comment on SEO Silo Theme by LR.

SEO Silo Structure Excellent! You know your business!!! I will re-read your response a few times to gain understanding and implement your SEO advice this week. Love the way you think SEO wise. Real old school hard core. This is gonna take some time but I have no other choice but to press forward.

I really don’t care how my site looks I just want results that continue to grow consistently over time. I was to the point where I could have posted 5 posts per day with no results so I knew I had to make a change and I have been reading about silo structure for at least 6 months before I finally started to get some understanding. Everyone makes it seem so complicated and everyone has a different opinion. TOTALLY appreciate your opinion, advice, and help.

Unfortunately after I implement all this I will have to put three of the pictures that went to my three best pages back so I can grab visitors attention since this is a niche adult site and I assume I only have a couple of seconds to capture and lead there attention.

Thank VERY VERY MUCH Dave for the advice and direction. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!!!