Comment on SEO Silo Theme by LR.

SEO Silo Structure I actually did this 6 or 7 days ago but the restructure took 3 days.

I set up your theme on a DEM website copy of mine I had my hosting company make a copy. They worked hard on the DEM website. There is no checks or balances to over-optimization of a silo in your theme right???

That might be impossible.

I am happy with the look of my Genesis theme but I cannot seam to get my mind off the old school SEO silo features in your theme.

I changed 208 posts into pages and sub-pages for my failed SILO experiment.

Just not sure what to do this is depressing.

I have one page all original probably 6000 words and many many pages with a whole lot of words that took a whole lot of work. Been at this working my but off for 2 years now so losing this traffic is kind of depressing.

Been reading your material and I just like the old school SEO way that you think that is why I am considering switching over.