Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl Bradbrook.

SEO Silo Structure HI David,

A sidebar menu is fine (and then I put a full nav menu later when you add it to the stallion responsive theme.)

If I were to switch the sidebar from currently being on the left in the main site to being on the right in the members area I guess that would also make it pretty obvious for members.

So…thinking out loud….

Im guessing I would copy the file called #3 Main Content 660 left sidebar 310 and then call that custom 1 and put that in the child theme and then I would be able to assign that to members pages with entry point a link in the main menu

How can i make it (the custom template) have its own header image or does it have to share a header image with the whole site.

also which specific widget do i use to create the menu for the members area is it the wp custom menu widget from the widgets area?

Many thanks and blessings!