Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure The individual menu feature was regarding the main navigation menu below the header: the charcoal coloured bar with links that the anchor text turns blue when hovering over. Not started work on it yet, so right now (Stallion Responsive 8.1) the navigation menu below the header is sitewide: IF I can get the feature I have in mind working users will be able to create multiple nav menus that are loaded for different sections of a site (no time frame for this).

As mentioned in my last comment there are already custom menus built into WordPress that are available as widgets, custom menus are a core WordPress feature. By using the Stallion display widgets feature (turn on: Stallion Layouts Options) you can set which sections of a site a custom menu widget is loaded under.

The Display Widgets feature works with most widgets, some older widgets that are single use won’t have display options. You can create multiple custom menu widgets linking to anything you choose and load each on a different part of the site. So you should be able to build a custom menu for a members area.

With Stallion you have the SEO Posts widget with the new automated silo SEO option (see the comment with development zip file link) and the Display widgets feature for setting which parts of a site other widgets should load on. Basically two ways to silo widgets.

You don’t have to limit yourself to siloing custom menus, look at this post WPRobot Review and note on the left menu the image link to the WPRobot site. That’s a WordPress text widget with the Display Widget options set to only load on two WordPress posts.