Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl Bradbrook.

SEO Silo Structure Hi David,

I read in a post that you were planning to have a feature where individual menus can be set to display on certain areas of the site.

I have a members area for my site which is currently in its own folder on a different domain.

I want to move the entire members area to the main site so that the benefit of the free and paid members being on site for longer goes to the main site.

So this feature im looking for will effectively create a members area within a main website and with its own menu.

I guess at the moment I could do this by creating a categoy and have the members pages as posts but there are topics and sub topics for the members area. does the seo silo widget give the ability to list posts and sub posts in a category. I want to make the navigation of the members area as clear as it is now.

Thanks and blessings!

Carl :-)