Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl Bradbrook.

SEO Silo Structure Thanks for the awesome feedback there.

I must say I was confused and you have cleared up a few things for me.

I will get the stallion theme to run on my site and I must say that I dont understand all that you have offered as guidance in the posts where we have communicated so I will most likely be asking more questions when I’m getting things going which I plan for this coming week.

Videos would definitely help if you could make some :-) especially from the point of view of a beginner with your theme. I do have some experience in building sites and when seo was simple back in the day I used to rank page one pretty much most of the time. However I must say keeping up with all the google garble is quite a task and beyond me :-)

May i suggest that you think about creating a proper sales letter for your theme as all of your info is all over the place. I do have some copy writing experience. Perhaps we might assist each other ?

Blessings and thanks for all your insights :-)

Carl :-)