Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl.

SEO Silo Structure HI David,

Thanks for all your answers so far :-)

I am asking the questions now as I want to make sure I dont have to go back and re do a site or changes themes later :-)

Regarding silo structure. I read what you said and it seems that your widgets anywhere allows you to manually create a silo style link structure. Is that correct that it has to be manually planned and implemented.

Im looking at this seo theme here :
and there are lts of seo features on their theme too .

Would you take a look and point out to me please where your theme has an seo advantage over this theme.

It seems that their theme automatically builds a silo structure and I also note they have a comprehensive seo plugin that is built into the theme.

The other way I noted and I have played around with is with a silo plug in that can be used to create a silo structure in any wordpress theme but the css for the widget is pretty ugly

Look forward to hearing back from you

Many thanks and blessings for your time to explain this.

Carl :-)