Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure The Widgets Anywhere Plugin is built into Stallion Responsive 8.1, so only my WordPress SEO package customers can benefit SEO wise from it.

That’s how I develop new WordPress SEO features, add everything to the one WordPress SEO package so they can all be fully integrated together rather than a distinct set of individual SEO plugins that work for all WordPress themes, BUT not in a way where each SEO feature uses the SEO benefits of other SEO features.

For example the Stallion Keyword Phrases are a perfect example of SEO integration. The Stallion keyword phrases are added on the Edit Post screen (when creating or editing a Post or Page: you add 5 derivative post titles in effect). The 5 phrases are used by multiple SEO features:

Stallion SEO Super Comments
Stallion SEO Posts Widget
Within theme templates (you’ll see the keyphrases on this comments main Post, links from category archives and more…).
As alternative title tags for paged content: when a Post has a lot of comments, it’s Paged, each Paged page uses a different keyphrase for the title tag.
Other SEO features…

Would be a nightmare to create a plugin for each of the above features (that part is easy) and integrate them all together (that’s the nightmare)!

Another good (bad) example is the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, it’s title tag feature is the same concept as the Stallion keyword phrases feature (Stallion can even use the Yoast SEO data for those switching to Stallion). Stallion Responsive includes 5 keyword phrases that are used throughout the SEO package (see above). Yoast WordPress SEO has 1 keyword phrase (called the SEO title tag) which is ONLY used for the title tag of Posts, that’s all it does, changes the title element that’s hidden in the head of a webpage. It’s possible to modify any WordPress theme to use the Yoast title tag for other parts of the themes output, but last time I checked no WordPress theme developers (other than me) are using the Yoast title tag for anything else.

If you’ve been using Yoast for a while and have all your Posts set to use the Yoast SEO title tag, switch to Stallion Responsive and the SEO data you’ve added will not only be used for your Posts title tags (like you have now), it will be used as anchor text within widgets, for links from your categories, through out your site. Same is true for the All In One SEO Pack Plugin SEO data, I used that plugins naming system (a behind the scenes WordPress thing :-)) for my packages SEO data.

I’ve integrated the Yoast and the All In One SEO data so well (they are very popular SEO plugins despite their severe limitations) with Stallion Responsive, Stallion looks for both of their SEO data and uses them when available.

That’s how you develop a WordPress SEO package, EVERYTHING fully integrated.

For those who haven’t bought Stallion Responsive yet it’s price goes up to $500 on September 1st 2014 to reflect how much work went into the SEO package and how much money those serious to building search engine optimized sites can earn. At $500 a license I’ll only be dealing with those serious about Internet marketing and understand how much work it takes to make lots of money online.