Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure Way too early to even check, have to wait for Google to spider and reindex the entire domain for the changes to have their full impact and even then to know for sure it’s weeks/months of waiting.

It’s going to have it’s good and bad points, the old menu had a lot of links with SEO and Tutorial as anchor text, so content about SEO and Tutorial are going to loose out. Other content will gain by having less unrelated links anchor text.

Then there’s the number of links, anything that was sitewide linked no longer is, that’s less link SEO benefit. However there’s less links on a page than before, so the remaining links each receive more link benefit than before.

Basically SEO swings and roundabouts, some pages SERPs will get a boost and others won’t. Overall have to hope traffic goes up because the changes mean most pages on the site are better niched now, but won’t know for sure for weeks/months.