Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl Bradbrook.

SEO Silo Structure Hi David,

Thanks for the comprehensive wp seo silo structure article that you wrote and I hope the comment title gives some juice to this page for you :-) ha ha

I like what you say about being natural and at same time keeping the theme of the post in the theme of the category. The specific category menu widget where you can set a special menu for specific areas of the site sounds awesome :-)

I really like the work you are doing on this best seo wordpress theme and clearly what you are creating is very powerful :-)

I did upload the template to my site to play around with. It’s a new site and Im literally building it from scratch.

This is the first time I have used a seo wp child theme. Is this correct… I activate the child theme and make my edits there and when updates are released I update only the seo wp main theme but not the child theme?

With the trial version am I correct in that the complete install resets to defaults randomly and that any changes I have made to play with the theme are lost and have to be re-done?

One other wp silo theme question regarding the visual aspect of the site. Is there a visual editor for the site or do I have to use the pre defined templates that you have designed? If I wanted to make changes outside of the custom templates you have designed would I need to edit the particular theme files?

David thanks again for your work with this!


Carl :-)