Comment on SEO Silo Theme by Carl Bradbrook.

SEO Silo Structure Hi David,
I started looking through your site as I have been looking for a new theme for a new site and some research on seo landed me here :-)

I have a couple of questions:

I have read quite a lot about using silo structure and that it has excellent seo benefits. Does your theme take advantage of silo structure as well?

Also I noted that having category pages that are actual editable pages is very good. Is that possible with your theme? This goes hand in hand with the silo structure.

One other question is regarding drop down menus and that they bleed the seo juice of the theme. Again this is in relation so silo structure on web sites.

The source of the silo structure info I have read so far is from Russell at Theme Zoom.

My goal is to find the right theme and to get it up and running and concentrate on providing information in my field of expertise.

Regarding health issues, my forte is self help and well being and I have been in this field for 18 years personally and business wise since late 1990’s. The only cause of health issues is conflicts within the Unconscious Mind. Think of the Unconscious Mind as being like a computer. When it’s new and clean it runs fast and after a period of time programs , updates etc conflict and cause the computer to slow and in some cases cease to work because of all the clutter. The physical body is the place that the conflicts manifest for resolution if other forms of inner communication have been ignored or suppressed.

With your skills and knowledge that you have accumulated in regards to seo and wp (solutions based analytical mind) etc you might find it interesting to dive into your Unconscious Mind, locate the source of your own conflicts in values, beliefs and imprint programming and resolve them. Physical healings occur with resolution of the conflicts. If you are interested I am happy to chat as I love to help.

Blessings David!
Carl :-)