Comment on SEO SERPs by Denise.

SEO Tutorial - SEO SERPsHi, I would like to know and it seems I cannot find an answer anywhere, why is it that the competition results sometimes are higher than the actual amount of pages in google.

For example: how to get my ex back About 221,000,000 results but in reality there are only 85 pages and with 9 results on each page then there are only 765 results.

and with the word in “how to get my ex back” there are About 15,500,000 results but the actual amount of pages are 52 pages making that 562 results.

I searched using the omitted results as well and the keyword just like this “how to get my ex back” had 67 pages meaning that there is only 607 results all up.

So why does google say there is about 221,000 competing sites?