This is an SEO test to see how easy/hard it is to target a specific city SEO company SERP, specifically SEO SERPs related to “SEO Miami” and “SEO Miami Company” plus any related SERPs.

I’ve no interest in the SEO Miami SERPs (I’m from the UK and no longer offer SEO services), just an interesting keywords SERP set to test with some competition.


For example according to Google AdWords Keyword Tool advertisers are willing to pay quite a bit for traffic related to Miami and SEO:

SEO Miami Money SERPs

seo companies miami = £18.96
miami seo companies = £17.32
miami seo company = £11.98
seo services miami = £8.97
seo service miami = £7.92
seo company miami = £7.68
seo miami = £6.53
seo in miami = £5.87

Miami SEO

Shame I don’t run AdSense on this site any more, nice chunk of change for a single click IF I can rank high for relevant Miami traffic.

Why Miami SEO Companies?

This SEO test is in response to a Facebook group posting that was trashing the Stallion SEO Plugin basically stated all highly ranked local SEO companies use the Yoast SEO Plugin which means the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is awesome.

Lukas Fanders: Just look at the source code for “city SEO” results. You rarely find a #1 website in any city that isn’t using yoast.

And later clarified:

Lukas Fanders: I’m talking “Miami seo” “Dallas seo” “NYC seo” type keywords.

This persons logic is if a lot of SEO companies use Yoast it must be the best. There are so many flaws in this argument (I don’t think most highly ranked SEO companies use Yoast for starters), it’s along the lines of arguing Microsoft Windows in the most widely use operating system, therefore it’s the best. Many would argue Microsoft Windows is far from the best operating system.

I’ve already wrote enough for this to in principle to rank for Miami SEO SERPs, so think I’ll wrap it up for now.

Miami SEO Test

SEO Tests LOL, just realized didn’t say what I’m testing SEO wise :-)

Some SEO’s believe onpage SEO is dead. The WordPress SEO Package I develop is mostly about improving onpage SEO, Stallion Responsive doesn’t build backlinks which is more important than onpage SEO. Without having a link building strategy you might as well not bother with websites, won’t matter how good your onpage SEO is, if you lack backlinks you are highly unlikely to rank high in Google for anything but long tail keyword SERPs (easy SERPs).

The main SEO test is see how high in Google I can get this webpage for Miami SEO SERPs (see earlier list) without working on backlinks. There will only be internal links, I won’t add any backlinks from any websites, doesn’t mean I won’t get any, I won’t be the one adding them. So no offpage SEO for this webpage.

David Law

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