Comment on SEO Meta Tags by SEO Dave.

HTML Meta Tags I hope you subscribed to comments so you get the correct SEO information about using meta description tags.

From the main SEO tutorial article on meta tags SEO:

As covered earlier in Google the contents of the description meta tag will not have an impact on the pages search engine rankings, but may be used as the description in the search results: like an ad. So be descriptive, think about what a potential visitor might click on not keyword stuffing, though add the main SERP for that page so Google highlights it. In the Google search result screenshot below I searched for “Stallion Responsive Theme” note how the three keywords are in bold for both the title and the description.

If Google Adwords employees are informing customers Google increases a webpages RANKINGS because of the meta description tags, then yes they are completely wrong.

Matt Cutts who works for Google’s web SPAM team occasionally confirms useful information those of us who run SEO tests already know.

Matt Cutts confirms meta KEYWORDS tag not used by Google, but meta description tag used for description sometimes. No indication if the meta description tag has ranking value.

See Matt Cutts comment on his blog at:

graywolf, meta descriptions don’t count in scoring (that is, determining the scores which are then used to determine what order to show the results in). So changing your meta description tag won’t make your website rank higher. When we show snippets, we can sometimes use the meta description as the snippet that we show. To your point, if two results have the same snippet (not just because of the meta description but in general), we will often show the first result and then the other results are shown if you add “&filter=0”. But the post was about the keywords meta tag and clarifying that we don’t use the keywords meta tag. The reason we mentioned the description meta tag was to make the point that we don’t disregard all meta tags.

From Matt Cutts again describing how to use the meta description tag, could not agree more with his advice in the video below.

I rarely create a meta description tag, would only create one if a webpage was gaining a high traffic SERP and the automated snippet was awful.

BTW Interesting the only Google employee others can use as a source must come from the Google SEO team, but your information is from a sales person from the Google AdWords team that deals with selling ad space, not Google SEO per se. Matt Cutts is the closest you’ll get to the “Google SEO team”, he deals with web SPAM infecting the Google search results.

David Law