Comment on SEO Domain Name by SEO Dave.

SEO Tutorial - Domain Name OptimizationI don’t know what you mean by “directory-driver traffic”?

From a Google SEO perspective you won’t get a boost because your domain includes a number, so no SEO boost for number per se.

Exception is if you are specifically targeting a number SERP, fop example “top 10 SEO tips” type SERPs: 10-something.tld would get a boost for the number 10 sitewide so that type of domain would help.

However, if you use a domain like 10keyword.tld you won’t get a boost for keyword, you’ll get a boost for 10keyword, which isn’t a SERP unless 10keyword is a SERP like bet365 is a SERP (popular online gambling site).

I’m aware the Chinese give a lot of value to numbers, they have lucky Chinese numbers like the number 8 and understand some will pay a lot of money to acquire things with a lucky number. Not a clue about specifics though.

Quick Google search:

The domain name sold for $100,000.
Frank Schilling’s Name Administration sold for $245,000. sold in early 2013 for 2.1 million dollars, getting in the top 5 disclosed transactions in 2013. to this date is the numeric domain sold at a highest price – $2.3 million in 2011.

Clearly there’s a market, not my type of thing to try to tap into.