Comment on SEO Domain Name by SEO Dave.

SEO Tutorial - Domain Name OptimizationThere’s a similar question at Buy SEO Hyphenated Domain Names and Non-Hyphenated?. My response was when I had this SEO tutorial on the domain which now 301 redirects here, so though the information is still valid the domains used aren’t.

To add to the above buying a domain like abcinc.tld has zero SEO value unless the word abcinc is a keyword search engine users use to search for stuff. There’s a list of Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names, here’s 10 funny ones.

These are real world examples, now we know the examples should be read as

Master Bait Online
Experts Exchange
It Scrap
Les Bocages
Speed Of Art
Who Represents
Pen Island
Therapist In A Box
American Scrap Metal

But could also be seen as the funny versions:

Masterbait Online
Expert Sex Change
Its Crap
Lesbo Cages
SpeedO Fart
Whore Presents
Penis Land
The Rapist In A Box
Americans Crap Metal

Google doesn’t know which the owner of the domain had in mind when they bought the domain which is why Google doesn’t guess what is supposed to represent, search Google for Therapistinabox and that domain name is number one: the domain name helps for the SERP just like a search for abcinc.tld would help for the search abcinc, but not for Abc Inc.

Search Google for Therapist in a Box, Amazon is number 1 and the above domain number 2. Had they registered and used might have been enough to be number 1, difficult to say since there’s over 200 ranking factors Google uses and the domain name isn’t a major ranking factor (it’s a factor, but there’s far more important SEO factors that can beat a domain name). The current number 2 ranking is due to the other factors Google uses since the domain name doesn’t help that SERP.

Search for The Rapist In A Box and you won’t find that domain in the top 50 because the domain isn’t optimized for that phrase in anyway, you can conform there’s no onpage SEO for that phrase with this Google search:

site: rapist

No results.


site: therapist

38 results, which is why it’s number 2 for the earlier search Therapist in a Box.

You should take away from this there is no SEO value in a non-hyphenated domain name like abcinc.tld (unless abcinc is a SERP), but there is SEO value in hyphenated domains like abc-inc.tld, but only if you use it as your main URL.

If all you plan to do is register abc-inc.tld and 301 redirect to abcinc.tld it will have ZERO SEO value as I discussed in the comment thread I linked to near the top.

Unless you plan to spend valuable link benefit on linking to abc-inc.tld there’s no SEO value in owning it and even then because the domain name is only one of the factors, I suspect the ~15% of the PageRank you’d loose through the 301 redirect is worth more than the SEO value of 301 redirecting abc-inc.tld.

Unless you have a real brand I wouldn’t bother trying to register all tld’s, if you must protect the basic ones, there’s too many tld’s to cover them all in both hyphenated and non-hyphenated. If someone wants to target your brand it’s going to be easy enough with a domain like abc-inc-keyword.tld and they can add your most important keyword: (owned by Amazon, wonder if they went through the WIPO process to claim the domain).

If I could register amazon.ego I wouldn’t be able to compete with without a massive link building campaign, the domain is a small factor. Unless you are a large brand that will generate a lot of traffic (small brands generate practically no traffic) I wouldn’t waste my money on multiple domains.

I have multiple domains with SEO articles, in the process of moving all the content here and 301 redirecting to here and it will have a short term negative impact (I loose the 15% PR), but long term will be easier to manage and there’s SEO value in having all the content on one domain (a trust factor). I’ll probably keep the old 301 redirected domains registered for 5 years before dropping them (assuming most backlinks have been updated by then).

David Law