Comment on SEO Domain Name by Greg.

SEO Tutorial - Domain Name OptimizationThank for a really great article – it’s by far the most useful one I’ve seen yet on the topic!

I’m new to all this so still learning. I’d really appreciate your advice, as I can’t seem to find an answer yet.

A few years back I bought both the hyphenated & non-hyphenated version of several domain names. ie. & & &
abc-events & abcevents

I was told then I should buy both to prevent someone from taking my domain and impersonating my site. I was also told that by having both names and directing the hyphenated site to the main domain, I could increase my SEO traffic.

Since then, I’ve kept these 20 domain names, but don’t see launching my company for at least another year or two.

The cost of renewing the domains is getting quite pricey (approx $30 per domain if I want to include the $17 privacy setting service to not publish my home address).

I am considering getting rid of the hyphenated domains as I already own the main domain. Though based on your article, it sounds like that may not be the right move.

I’d really appreciate your advice on 2 questions:

1) Keep Main Domain & Rid Rest? – if I already own the main domain – should I even bother keeping any of the other domains? As even though the other domains would represent separate incorporated companies, would it make more sense to have them all just operate out of the main domain?

2) Keep UnHyphenated Domain & Rid Hyphenated Domain if Both are Exact Match? (or vice versa?) – if I own both hyphenated & non-hyphenated versions of the same domain, should I keep only one and get rid of the other? (to help reduce my costs) Or is there value to having both for SEO?

Thank you so much for any help you can offer – I really appreciate it!