Comment on SEO Consultant by SEO Dave.

SEO Consultant You are kidding right?

SEO Consultant is a good money phrase, it’s not a great deal of traffic, but that is true for most of the SEO SERPs. When a visitor searches for SEO Consultant, SEO Expert and even SEO Guru there’s a very good chance they are looking to hire SEO Services.

So the traffic tends to convert quite well. When I get a new SEO client they tend to stay with me for over a year paying monthly fees, so I can make a very good living from SEO.

Actually it’s that easy I got my first 20 odd clients with my SEO quote page on a free hosting account: I’d made a SEO information section to the free web space I got with the ISP NTL and before becoming a SEO consultant had some good SEO SERPs on the NTL site. All I had to do was add a page saying I now offered SEO services and was inundated with quote requests!

David Law