Comment on Search Engine Optimization by John Adams.

Performance Search Engine Optimization Some great advice! Thank you for sharing.

It is definitely true to say that sticking with seo basics at the beginning of any website development is a positive way to start.

No matter how much the search engines change and update their algorithms, some techniques will always be guaranteed to work as the basics of a foundation for good quality on page and off page optimisation.

With good keyword placement and an understanding of LSI, it would be fair to say that well written content is a fantastic place to start, and in theory, with well placed anchor text (keyword rich), that’s all you really need to keep the search engines happy as far as on page seo is concerned.

I definitely agree with the power of building back links. Gone are the days of adding thousands of links in the hope that search engines would consider you a trusted or authority website. And it is a good thing to!

One way links leading to one’s website is well tested (I can certainly vouch for their power), and is highly valued by the major search engines.

Thank you again for a well written post.
Wishing you great success for 2010.

John Adams