Comment on Remove WordPress Meta Generator Tag by SEO Dave.

WordPress Readme HTML Hmm, you might be asking the wrong question.

When you say remove the “Next and Previous Posts Links” do you mean when viewing source of your websites code you see something like this near the top of the code (in the head):

<link rel='prev' title='Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin'' />
<link rel='next' title='Stallion WordPress SEO' href='' />

If so those next and prev rel links (relative links) are removed by this code

remove_action('wp_head', 'adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head');

If you mean your WordPress theme adds at the top or bottom of the content a link you can click on to the next and previous posts, the above code has no impact on those clickable links.

They will be hard coded into your themes template files. Each WordPress theme is different, but if it’s on the single blog post pages the code might be in the themes single.php file.

Look for code like this:


If you delete the “posts_nav_link();” code it should remove the next and previous links.

If it’s not in single.php use a text editor like Notepad++ (it’s free) to do a “Search in files” search for


Will list where the code is located, could be anywhere, in function.php as part of a function or as part of a part template file.

I consider these potentially SEO damaging links, unless a website is fully niched (only covering one niche) adding two links to the next and previous WordPress post could be adding unrelated links to an article, which is why the above function isn’t part of Stallion Responsive.

No SEO value to a website targeting several distinct niches if they randomly interlink, this post for example is about WordPress, I wouldn’t want it automatically linked to the make money posts or my off topic blogging posts.