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WordPress Readme HTML Like anything in life it’s easy when you know how :-)

Although you can edit the WordPress theme functions.php file under your Dashboard: can pretty much assume all WordPress themes today (2014) have a Functions.php file.

If you make a code mistake that breaks the theme (white screen of death) you won’t have access to the Dashboard WordPress Theme Editor (accessed via “Appearance” >> “Editor”) since you’ll be locked out of the Dashboard by the code error and will either have to use FTP or a control panel to either fix the file or delete the themes folder (that forces WordPress to use the default WP Twenty Fourteen theme).

For this reason it’s advisable to use an FTP program like Filezilla (it’s free) so you can edit the file in a text editor (Notepad will do), upload the edited functions.php file via FTP and if you made a mistake upload the original functions.php file (obviously keep a backup of the unchanged file) fixing your code error.

You’ll find your functiosn.php file at:


However you decide to add code (if it’s the WordPress theme editor be careful) to the functions.php file it usually works at or very near the end.

Some functions.php files end with:


If this is what your themes functions.php files last line looks like it makes sense to enclose whatever code you are adding within a opening and closing PHP tag like this and add it on the final line after the last ?> :

remove_action('wp_head', 'adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head');

If your themes functions.php doesn’t end in


Means the PHP code doesn’t end as such.

In this case add the code as is like this (so no <?php and ?> bits):

remove_action('wp_head', 'adjacent_posts_rel_link_wp_head');

For both examples it’s important not to add extra blank lines or spaces (white space) after the code you’ve added, can cause some issues with your RSS Feeds if there’s white space in PHP files (messes up feeds, not sure why). Basically don’t add your PHP code and a bunch of carriage returns or spaces after.

Sounds a lot more complicated than it is, edit file, copy and paste code at the bottom, access site via FTP program and upload the editing functions.php file over the current file, see if it works. Takes about 3 minutes when you know how, takes less time in the online theme editor, but make a code error and, DOH!