Comment on Remove WordPress Meta Generator Tag by SEO Dave.

WordPress Readme HTML WordPress white screen normally means you’ve broken some PHP code.

Revert the code you changed to what it was before the change.

If you worked online with the WordPress editor and you can’t login to to your Dashboard.

Either reupload the unedited theme files using FTP (Filezilla for example) over the ones you changed or download the file you changed, edit it in a text editor and reupload.

If you theme is called Redback Theme there will be a folder under:


something like


Download the /redback/ folder (whatever your theme is called) to your PC, there you can edit the files and reupload.

If online you edited functions.php edit it on your PC, remove the broken code and reupload.

If you have the original theme files you can upload the entire folder over the folder you broke.

If still not working the last resort is delete the theme you have active by going to


And delete the entire folder /redback/ (your theme folder).

By deleting the active (broken) theme folder, WordPress will activate the default TwentyFourteen theme and you can again login to your Dashboard.

Make sure there’s a folder /twentyfourteen/ at


otherwise WordPress won’t have the default theme to activate.

Obviously if you are reading this a year or more from when I wrote it and WordPress has a new default theme (TwentyFifteen would be my next guess) make sure the default theme is present.

You’ll be able to log back in and reinstall whatever theme your were using and broke.

For future reference when editing theme files do it on your PC so you can have multiple backups, upload the changed file one at a time via FTP, if a change breaks your site it’s an easy case to upload the unedited file.

David Law