Comment on Good Business Plans Change by Mark.

Business Plan : Recession Hit Businesses DiversifyWith your 100 domains have you ever thought of consolidating so you have say 5 of your best sites? Or even two sites and you with full focus build content for those two?

I have a score of domains also and sometimes think it would be easier with a couple good ones (less stuff to maintain).

The are two reasons I do not consolidate now:
The first reason is they are all growing slowly and I like the idea of diversification, just in case one gets hacked or banned or I have an idea to market with one of them in the future.

So my thought is at some point, as long as I keep adding unique interesting content they will increase in value with age.

The second reason is with one large site, older posts somehow get lost, but with say ten niche sites with a moderate amount of content I think maybe things get indexed better. Maybe I am wrong.

On another note this WordPress 3.0 will have some great features including a MU SU merge. You will be able to run a social network (buddy press) with a plugin (unlike before with the ridiculously hard set up). Now it is easy. Adding buddy press to a site like your political site with mu when WP 3.0 comes out could be dangerous or interesting. People would have their own blogs, chat features etc.

I enjoy reading your revenue reports but I guess they are time consuming so you have moved them to quarterly (:

How are your Adsense alternative themes etc coming? Or is this idea on the back burner? There has to be a way to diversify from just Adsense that is just as profitable, maybe not, as Adsense is very easy to set up and pays.

Best regards!