Comment on Google PageSpeed Insights Results by SEO Dave.

PageSpeed Insights Looks like your WordPress theme uses a Google font, since the font is hosted off your server W3 Total Cache can’t combine and minify it with your other css file(s).

Solution, modify the theme to not use Google fonts or change themes (Stallion Responsive hint, hint).

It’s why I’ve avoided adding Google fonts to the Stallion Responsive Theme, means you have to have 2 render blocking CSS files, the one combined/minified by W3 Total Cache and the Google font CSS file.

BTW unless you add your CSS rules inline you can’t have 100/100 PageSpeed Insights results, you will always have one render blocking css file that has to load before the main content etc… loads. In theory it’s easy to get rid of the last render blocking warning by pushing the css file to load in the footer, BUT by doing so your websites content loads with no formatting/colour/fonts etc… This results in an ugly looking site temporarily as the site loads with no styling (there’s a name for it, but forget what it’s called).

Hmm, I guess you could load the Google font in the footer, basically modify your theme (research wp_enqueue_script()) to load the Google font last. The Google font probably isn’t important styling wise, so could be loaded last which won’t be render blocking.