Comment on Google PageSpeed Insights Results by SEO Dave.

PageSpeed Insights Best Stallion Responsive example is the new Stallion Responsive Theme WebSite

I tend to use the same setup on my sites and no longer adding features to sites to show as examples.

Couple more sites:
Books to Read
Skinny Me

You want to see what Stallion Responsive looks like etc… easiest way is install it, there’s way too many features to show via a few websites. It’s got a full demo version, no limitations on testing options pages like there was with Stallion WordPress SEO. Install the parent Stallion responsive theme and the Stallion Responsive child theme and test out the features prior to buying an ID. Don’t like the new theme, switch back to your current theme.

Do have a some test sites for testing features during development at:


Use them for making new WordPress colour schemes, so at anytime might look a mess as do a lot of Stallion testing during development.