Finding Internet marketing niches is a difficult part of making money online from websites, I’ve made many mistakes in the past when choosing high paying niches I know nothing about and will probably make many more in the future. There are lots of people (including me :-)) who choose a website niche ONLY because it is a high paying niche in AdSense or affiliate marketing or eBay/Amazon etc… It’s not the right way to start off a new Internet marketing project if YOU plan to do most of the work. If you don’t do the work yourself and outsource the main bulk of the building niche content to others then not knowing much about a profitable niche is less important.

When you choose a website niche you WANT to work on, you are far more likely to work on it for a large amount of your valuable time and money promoting it.

Finding High Paying Internet Marketing Niches

Finding Internet marketing niches that could make a lot of money is really easy, here’s three niche markets…

Fast Weight Loss Niche : need I say more, half the world is over weight and fat and it’s getting worse due to how high calorie corn starch syrup is pumped into so many products. This is a website niche with a lot of potential customers/visitors and it’s set to get bigger.

Online Dating Niche Market : All the over weight people who are trying to get thin are also trying to find a loving relationship :-) Dating is another big money market.

Forex Trading Strategies Niche Products : Hmm, I know an easy way for a fat person to find love, earn a lot of money trading currencies, maybe we can attract a hot gold digger when we are successful and filthy rich :-) Forex is another high paying AdSense and affiliate product sales niche, checkout Clickbank affiliate products for example.

Niche Market Research : The Right Niche For You

Niche Market Research
Although I’ve traded shares and traded options (high risk financial instrument) in the past (over twenty years ago) I know nothing about the Forex currency market (considered trading currencies, but done no research), to build a niche Forex website or product would be a difficult task. This would be a difficult marketing niche to work on, I’d find it difficult to be passionate about currency fluctuations. However, I do plan to start trading shares again in the near future, maybe a niche website on trading UK shares as I learn how to trade UK shares online could be profitable.

I know absolutely nothing about the online dating market, I’ve been happily married for over twenty years and expect to be happily married for the rest of my life, so have no experience in the dating scene. I would really struggle to build a decent online dating website or dating product. Not a good website niche for me, I have no interest in the market.

I know quite a bit about weight loss, as a teenager I studied nutrition because I was into weight training (weight trainers are nuts on nutrition, vitamins and protein shakes etc…) and planned to go to University to study a degree in nutrition and follow a career as a nutritionist (discovered genetics and studied a genetics Bsc degree instead: now I do SEO and build websites :-)). I’ve also recently lost 3 stone in weight (took about 18 months, now at a lean 10 st 2lbs, my perfect weight) so have experience in the weight loss market and could write about how I lost weight and as importantly how I maintain my weight (maintenance in some respects is harder than loosing weight). My wife also lost a lot of weight at the same time, she is also at her perfect weight, together we could create an interesting weight loss/maintenance website or affiliate product that could be quite successful.

Choosing Internet Marketing Niches

As you can see above of the three example high paying niche markets only one is suitable for me. That’s not to say I couldn’t create a profitable website or product about online dating or Forex trading, but it would be harder than working on the weight loss niche.

Update: my wife built a How I Lost Weight niche website because it’s a niche we both understand and can work on.

Weight Loss Niche Website

I have tried niche websites on subjects I have no knowledge or interest in and it’s tended to be difficult and boring work. On the other hand with niches I have an interest/passion in, not only is it enjoyable to build the content and promote, they have always made me money.

Couple examples.
Built a site on the UK general election, I have an interest in UK politics and the site I built generated so much traffic during the UK general election it crashed the server multiple times. Estimate on election day the site must have seen over 1/4 million visitors, because of the server crashing lost some log data, so will never know for sure how many visitors that day.

Created World of Warcraft leveling guide reviews of Clickbank products. I used to play world of Warcraft and used leveling guides I’d bought via Clickbank, so I used the product and it was very easy to promote. I no longer play World of Warcraft and my Clickbank sales have died as the game updated and how to level a character changed, I’m no longer interested in the World of Warcraft niche.

If you choose Internet marketing niches you are passionate or knowledgeable about it makes it so much easier to create content and promote. I find it easy to write about search engine optimization for example and own multiple sites about SEO.

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