Comment on WordPress Site Title Tag SEO 2016 by SEO Dave.

WordPress Site Title Tag SEO I don’t offer a WordPress installation service or anything like that. I offer SEO services, but currently only taking on long term SEO clients and even then I’m very picky which domains I work with, has to interest me as I get way to many potential SEO customers to take them all on.

All that being said my WordPress SEO theme (linked on the menu) is the only WordPress theme I use on my own sites. If I did take on WordPress work it would be installing my SEO theme and to be honest I’ve set it up so well most people can use the theme to setup a site running WordPress as an SEO CMS: takes me about 15 minutes to install WordPress with everything I use, not worth charging for something like that.

My sites like are my SEO theme out the box with a few clicks of the mouse on the admin screen (so no template file editing needed).

David Law