Comment on WordPress Site Title Tag SEO 2016 by Mark.

WordPress Site Title Tag SEO Your analysis is 100% correct here. Google loves to test as much as we do, and in this case that is what they were doing. Panda has been a bear for all my websites.

I have not figured out the key yet, and as mentioned in the past I have consider non-indexing all my tag pages for duplicate content reasons but I think it is more a time on site thing. The junk I read on top SEO forums about Panda is not radical enough. I think it all comes down to time on site and getting people to come back. SEO helps people discover your site, after that, the onus is on the owner to retain the ranking with good user stats.

For example, when I come to your Stallion site, I come back again and again to check comments and ideas. If I am not checking this website it is like I am missing something. It is SEO central.

However, I think my sites have too much of a ‘read the article and move on’ type style.

Therefore it comes down to user experience. I need more user experience optimization now, UEO. SEO is solid with your theme and gets me oodles of traffic.

It making them stay and comeback is what I need to work on to recover from Panda.