Comment on WordPress Site Title Tag SEO 2016 by Mark.

WordPress Site Title Tag SEO I noticed that on my individual posts I now have “post title – webSite title”. I do not know if this is what I want? If I am targeting an individual landing page and long tail keyword instead of site title appearing in my posts on the Google search results is this optimal?

I should know this but I have a lot of wheels in motion in my life right now so forgive me I can not focus. But I think I would like to switch it back to just “Post title” appearing on the Google search results as this might be better for me for SEO?

Is this coming from a set up option or the plugin or hard-coded?

What is your take on all this and how do I change it.

I have a theory that Google did two things with Panda. 1) Decreased the importance of title from a onsite perspective, but increased it from the perspective of the user clicking on a meaningful title in the SERPs. SEO is becoming EUO or end user optimization to an extent but not fully.

They are also trying to eliminate titles that are all the same and flood the web “how to play the guitar” for example. So uniqueness on one hand but meaning in the SEO traditional (keyword density still works as my targeted posts still do well) way is some how working in a way I do not fully understand.

Anyway if you could enlighten me how to change this ‘post title – website title’ it would be appreciated and if this is the best way to go.

I think Post title is a whole area of specilization. I mean you get the title right and write naturally in a well SEO – ed WP set up and you are half way there.

Thanks as always.