Comment on WordPress Site Title Tag SEO 2016 by SEO Dave.

WordPress Site Title Tag SEO Under your WordPress Dashboard – Settings >> General : Site Title

This is where you add your WordPress sites title, this text will be used through out the Stallion SEO theme and so is very important, for your home page SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) there’s nothing more important than this text.

There’s two things to keep in mind when writing your WordPress blog title, SEO and your visitors.

The perfect SEO title for a home page might not be particularly good for your visitors.

For example on my site I initially had the title “45 Year Old Millionaire” which is great for visitors, but SEO wise is not so good (it’s not really a SERP).

With this site I’m not going for full on SEO, the site mostly shows my affiliate and ad network earnings and has a lot of ‘repeated’ posts: not much difference between the posts “Make Money Online Revenue Report : 1st Quarter 2011” and “Make Money Online Revenue Report : 2nd Quarter 2011”.

The best SEO title would be something like “Make Money Online Blog”, BUT it’s so generic I doubt I’d ever get a following (admittedly I’d have to post a lot more on the site to get a following anyway, but that’s a problem for another day :-)).

My compromise is the current title “45 Year Old Millionaire Make Money Online Blog” which is a bit on the long side for a site title, but it covers SEO and visitors. By covering visitors as well it’s costing the site SEO brownie points, SEO wise that title should be “Make Money Online Blog”, so when you decide on your blog title you need to weigh up visitors vs SEO. On another site I’ve gone all out SEO with the title “Make Money Online Guide” and the home page is top 5 in Google for that phrase.

David Law