Analysing Google SERPs is a good way to learn a little SEO by seeing what others are doing, but avoid the mistake of blindly copying a websites onpage SEO techniques just because a website is ranking well.

Although onpage SEO is very important, Google does rank websites quite high just due to offsite SEO factors (backlinks, social media signals, trust factor of the domain etc…).

So you might be looking at a poorly search engine optimized webpage with great offsite SEO that would rank even better with decent on page SEO.

Mobile Phones SEO

In the YouTube video below I analyse a website ranking quite well in Google for the competitive Mobile Phones SERP. I didn’t spend much time looking at the website before starting the video, so most of what I discover is how I’d quickly analyse a site for basic SEO mistakes.

As you’ll see even this basic SEO analysis of just the home page took over half an hour, for a full SEO analysis it takes days.

The Mobile Phones Google search engine results pages (SERP) are quite a competitive SERP, as of January 2014 the site is listed at number 12 on and 7 for which are good results for a PR4 home page.

In this video I analyse the basic onpage SEO of the home page mainly looking for SEO mistakes and easy SEO improvements. Like many websites it has a lot SEO wise that could be easily improved including the removal of nofollow links (these delete link benefit), better anchor text (some links have terrible text) and alt text for image links (some images have no alt text!) and better performance metrics.

With relatively small on page changes this site could improve it’s mobile phones SERP, since the mistakes made on this site are quite common it should be of help to those looking to improve their sites on page SEO.

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