Comment on Massive Passive Profits Plugin Setting Up a Sub-Domain Blog Template with Talian 05 by SEO Dave.

Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin Talian and Stallion are separate themes so it’s unlikely to be the themes themselves causing the problem.

I’m not a big user of WordPress multisite, but if you have network activated both Talian and Stallion they both should be available for the main blog and sub-domains. Basically you should be able to run say 100 sub-domains and each one has it’s own theme if you wanted.

Have you network activated both themes?

Only other thing that comes to mind is if you are using the Blog Template plugin and you’ve used the main site setup as the template site when you select the theme to use for the next set of sub-domains it’s going to change the settings of the main site. The solution is create a sub-domain to use as your Talian autoblog template so it’s not changing the settings of the main site.

BTW Stallion has built in Massive Passive Profits features that rewrites some of the content to make it better SEO’d and hides some of the thin affiliate/autoblog footprints. Stallion is a better theme for Massive Passive Profits autobloggers.